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Motorcyclist Christmas Gift List

If you have a motorcyclist in your life that you need help shopping for this holiday season, here are some items that they can probably really use but may have put off buying themselves. These are items that great for him or her, but mostly the motorcycle. Find these items locally at motorcycle dealerships or shops.


Battery Tender Junior

This smart charger will maintain any 12 volt lead acid, AGM, or gel battery. Once you bolt on the pigtail, you can easily plug in your motorcycle everytime you park in the garage and it will maintain or “float” the battery for long periods of time. This will extend the life of your battery and always have you ready to ride.


EZ Air Tire Gauge

Use with an air compressor for quick tire inflation by clipping the gauge on tire valve stem to read pressure. No need to remove while inflating, and it has a push button valve to bleed air down to desired pressure, while providing continuous reading until the chuck is released from valve stem. It takes up a little more space than a normal pen gauge but it is accurate, easy and quick to use.


ROK Straps

Easy to attach, buckle, and tighten, the Motorcycle/ATV Adjustable Strap is rated to carry 100 pounds (200 pounds burst strength) 1 inch wide, adjusts from 18 to 60 inches long. Two-piece strap consisting of a webbing element with loop attachments and an elastic element joined by quick-release buckle. The elastic section provides tension; the webbing section adjusts for size, ensuring you have exactly the right length with exactly the right tension. Each section is attached independently around a luggage rack, frame tube, foot peg carrier, the luggage is placed between the attachment points, the two parts of the strap are buckled together, and the strap is tightened.  Designed specifically for motorcycle and ATV use. Unlike bungee cords these won’t injure you or your ride, and you never see them lying on the roadway because they don’t fail.


GIVI Waterproof Duffle/Seat Bag

Roll top closure and seam sealed construction keeps your stuff super dry and multiple lashing points enables easy tethering to your bike. PVC tarpaulin construction. High frequency stitchless seams. Perfect for a weekend getaway on any bike.



A motorcycle grip control, not cruise control, that helps relieve fatigue on long rides by letting you control your throttle with a relaxed hand. Different sizes available for many applications.


Bugslide with Microfiber Towel

Shop kit includes (1) 16oz BugSlide spray bottle and (1) 16x16" premium microfiber towel. Spray directly on bugs to be removed and let sit for 30-60 seconds. Wipe, then flip towel to dry side and lightly buff. Safe to use on multiple surfaces including Lexan, glass, fiberglass, plexiglass, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, leather, vinyl and any non-porous surfaces. Perfect for motorcycles, RVs, boats, planes and so much more! Leaves a protective, microscopic finish that continually repels dust, dirt, water and fingerprints. Contains a UV filter for added protection, dries crystal clear with no yellowing, no buildup or powdery residue!


Cruztools SPEEDKIT

Basic emergency tool kit that can be stored under the seat, in the saddlebag, or fork bag. Especially helpful for those motorcycles that do not come with a factory tool kit anymore. Comes in either a Metric, European, or Harley-Davidson version.


Oxford Rider First Aid Kit

A small, easily packable first aid kit that has the basics that a rider hopefully will never need. If you have it, you most likely won’t need it. And if you do need it, you’ll be so glad you have it.


Frogg Toggs Road Toad Rain Set

Made with Dri2Pore, Outer & Inner Layers: Frogg Toggs' exclusive nonwoven fabric blend – intensified in weight and durability for the tough jobs. Still comfortable and packable. Best thing about Frogg Toggs is that it breathes. You won’t get overheated as it lets vapor out, but keeps rain and wind from coming in.


Mission Multi-cool Neck Gaiter

MISSION HydroActive® technology cools instantly when wet and stays cool for up to 2 hours. To activate the gaiter, simply wet with water, wring out and snap in the air. To reactivate the cooling effect, simply repeat steps. 12+ ways to wear, including: neck gaiter, face mask, balaclava, skull cap and more.  When dry it also works as a windbreak on cold days.


RAM X-Grip Phone Mount with Handlebar U-Bolt Base

Spring-loaded "X" design with rubber caps sports great holding power without hiding your phone; includes optional device tether for peace of mind during rugged use. Compatible with any B size RAM Mounts double socket arm; ball and socket technology allows for near-infinite adjustability. Different sizes for range of phones and tablets. Very quick and easy to use, while extremely secure.


Tirox 360 degree Brush for Chain

This is without a doubt the fastest, most effective, most meticulous, precise and systematic method for giving your chain a thorough cleaning.  The brush – 2.25 coils of 360º chemical resistant nylon – is fast, efficient and simple to use. It forces its bristles between the plates where dried and hardened chain lube, road sand, glass, tar and other materials gather to form a hard shield of abrasive dirt where the O-ring meets the chain plates.


Nebo Slim +

A rechargeable 700 Lumen! Pocket light. Has a magnetic base, a magnetic pocket clip and collapsing hanging hook. And is also a powerbank to charge your electronic devices on the go.  Small, powerful, convenient, many uses, and also has a red laser for use as a cat toy!


S100 Cycle Car Kit

A perfectly organized set that contains and organizes the key items a biker needs to keep his steel in the best shape possible. Five top selling S100 products in a perfect carry-organizer. The perfect start for the ultimate in bike care! You’ll find this in almost every motorcycle dealership because S100 products flat out work great.


Seal Mate by Motion Pro

Don’t replace your fork seals until you have tried the Seal Mate! It cleans and removes debris that can cause fork seals to leak. Will work on conventional and upside down forks.


BikeMaster Tire and Tube Flat Repair Kit

Covers both tubes and tubeless repair. Comes complete with patches, plugs, plug insertion tool, hole cleaner, glue, pressure wheel with surface preparation tool and knife for plug trimming. Includes 4 CO2 compressed air cylinders and an air valve which can connect directly to the tire valve, or use the flexible air line also included for hard to reach valves.


Lastly, here are various books to inspire you to become a better motorcyclist. Motorcycling is a perishable skill, and a skill that you can always improve on no matter how many miles you’ve traveled. A complacent motorcyclist is an unsafe motorcyclist. Some books to get you through the winter off-season are:


Ride Like a Pro by Jerry “Motorman”  Palladino

Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well by David L. Hough

A Twist of the Wrist: The Motorcycle RoadRacers Handbook by Keith Code

The Total Motorcycling Manual by Mark Lindemann

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values by Robert M. Pirsig

Conversations With A Motorcycle by Jack Riepe




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