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Flashback of a Fastback


It is understood in the automotive industry that any classic car’s value far outweighs their price. Whether purchased out of love for a particular brand or as a reminder of years gone by, there is typically a story with each that increases their value tenfold. For Chad Loehrer and his 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback, making the purchase and restoring the car meant connecting to the memory of his father’s showroom stunner.


The 1968 Mustang Fastback is part of the first-generation Mustangs that were built. While the ’68 had a few changes from the previous year’s version and additional safety features that had been integrated due to increased regulation, it was largely the same as the ’67. One of the biggest differences was the engine which had been increased in the models' beginning in December.


Loehrer’s father worked for the Ford dealership in Minneapolis, MN, at that time and, while it’s unclear what the draw was for his dad, the elder Loehrer put down the few thousand dollars on the price tag and drove the Fastback off the showroom floor. Growing up, Loehrer would often listen to his father talk about that car. Nine years ago, he began his search to find a match and within a few years, he had found the one.


The candy apple red Fastback that Loehrer found was in rough condition. Rusted throughout with the exception of a few pieces, Loehrer understood that it would take time, money, and a certain high level of expertise to build this car to what he wanted. That’s where Outlaw Metalworks - Custom Fabrication Speed Shop came in. Having seen their ad, Loehrer went out to see what they could do.


“I explained what I wanted done; he said no problem. The timeline was perfect,” says Loehrer of his initial discussion with Outlaw Metal Works owner, Shawn Devries. “I didn’t want to take it to multiple spots; I wanted it at one place- start to finish.
It makes it a lot easier.”

Outlaw Metal Works in Davis, SD, prides themselves on their customer satisfaction in the area of fabrication, modification, and adjustments for all types of automotive vehicles. Knowing the incredible skill it would require and his team’s ability to deliver on that expectation, Devries was eager to begin.


Loehrer’s plans were to keep the car looking stock but update it with modern features. The full restoration would include replacing all the sheet metal, a lot of trim work, some critical thinking skills, and some expert level craftsmanship. For three years, the car has gone under a massive overhaul to make it look and perform flawlessly.


First up, refinishing the rusted. The team at Outlaw did the dash, parts of the floor, the roof quarters, torque boxes, floor pans, wheel tubs, trunk, fenders, side skirts, and aprons. They built a removable custom roll cage, added Vintage Air, Dakota Digital RTX gauges, and power windows. They created a custom intake and fastened the radiator to the cooler. They then threw in some GT 500 Mustang seats, Ididit tilt steering column, and put it all on top of custom Billet Specialties Hydro Wheels.


With the incredible amount of work to be done, it was no surprise that there was additional thought and planning required to successfully complete the project. One of those situations came when they needed to fit the motor. The Ford 5.0 Coyote Crate engine and VMP Performance SuperCharger kit were a great addition for performance but


fitting that muscle under the factory-made hood of the ‘68 meant making some modifications. Moving it about an inch and a half down and back, rearranging a few other things and modifying the inner structure firewall, and they were able to make it all fit nicely.


Outlaw Metal Works showed that they can handle “anything under the paint” as Devries says.


“We’re extremely flexible. Whether it’s 4-wheel drive trucks or race cars or pro-touring, we can do any of them really.”


Now show color painted a Spectre Gray color instead of the wildly popular candy apple red, the Fastback is showroom ready again. Initially Loehrer had wanted to do a bit of driving in it but he quickly decided to put this showroom stunner into the spotlight again with show-quality finishes.


Rebuilding this car over the last three years has been a testament to the value classic cars bring to their owners. Through incredible craftsmanship, thorough planning, and some last-minute troubleshooting, this 1968 Mustang Fastback has been a flashback to years gone by.


To learn more about Outlaw Metal Works and their current projects or to call with questions, visit their website at or stop by their Facebook page.





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