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The rising popularity of FXR’s, Dynas and Sportsters, has gone beyond what was once a typical blacked-out club bike. Riders appreciate the style and culture these bikes are known for, and their style is anything but cookie-cutter. It isn’t about blending in, and it might not even be about standing out; it’s all about enjoying your ride, making it your own, and being true to your passion to do it yourself.

Set the bar with your Dyna, Sportster, and FXR with timeless, top of the line components like new fenders, handlebars, device mounts, and Flare™ windshields from Klock Werks. You’ll get the best of both appearance and performance!

Klock Werks offers an OE Replacement windshield for FXR, Dynas, and Sportsters, and also offers a Flare™ for an FXRP style fairing - so your customizing can start there! Create a more comfortable ride with added stability and air management.

After you have improved the stability and safety of your ride, it’s time to make it more comfortable. Stock handlebars can’t possibly accommodate all body-types, arm lengths, and torso-heights out there, but Klock Werks KlipHanger Handlebars can! Your arms have a point of positioning where they fall naturally, and with the KlipHangers, you can adjust your handlebars to that position, instead of reaching and straining your back, shoulders, and neck! Put your hands where they want to be with Klock Werks innovative, machined “Klamps.” Or, if you want to achieve a T-Bar “Club Style” bike, then the KlipSplitter Handlebars will be your choice! They offer the same adjustabilty you will love with the KlipHangers, but are much more communicative.  

After the Flare™, and some new bars, your comfort level is truly unmatched!  Be one of the first in the nation to adapt to the NEW Klock Werks Device Mounts system. Unlike other mounts on the market, the Klock Werks Device Mounts do not require a special case, the magnet is NOT attached to your phone or tablet, and the rotational capabilities of the mount bring you the same user friendly adjustability that Klock Werks is known for. Klock Werks Center Riser Device Mount comes in chrome or black and will fit most 84+ models with 3-1/2” center to center riser.

Finally, complete your new look with the classic, traditional-styled custom look of Klock Werks NEW 19” Fenders. The new 19” Fender fitments are available for Sportsters, FXR’s, and Dynas, and many profiles are available ranging from more to less coverage. Dan Cheeseman, Klock Werks Chief Operating Office and 2014 Dyna StreetBob owner, wanted a fender for his bike that was designed to bolt right on, so Klock Werks took to the R&D department to create several looks using the same e-coated, stamped steel that painters love.

Klock Werks always seeks to make parts that make sense, fit right out of the box, look great, and are made of the best quality, right here in the USA. Fenders are available online at or through your local Drag Specialties dealer.





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